The end of our 2019 season!

Today we did our last tours of 2019. The weather in Faxaflói was beautiful in the cold winter air. We added an...

4 minutes

31 Oct 2019

A rainy October day in the bay

Today we did one tour at 2, the sea conditions looked better and we could head out to search for the whales an...

2 minutes

30 Oct 2019

Frosty sunny day in the bay!

Now winter is here for real! The snow is laying on the mountain, frost on our dock and boat, but that do not s...

2 minutes

27 Oct 2019


Is it almost November or we went back to June?? What a day out. Our fish finder was detectin AMAZING balls of ...

2 minutes

19 Oct 2019

Dolphins bullying whales

We loev sunny and calm days. Days were the bay can display its full beauty. And today was one of these days. T...

2 minutes

18 Oct 2019

Dolphilicious day!

Whsles are gone, long live the dolphins! Today the white beaked dolphins took over the bay. Some blows from wh...

1 minutes

08 Oct 2019

A really Icelandic day!

The day started with pooring down rain the whole morning, the forecast said it was gonna calm down but it just...

2 minutes

06 Oct 2019

Four species in one day - great start of the month!

Today is first of October autumn is here and winter is on its way but that dosen´t stop us! The bay was magica...

2 minutes

01 Oct 2019

Poker of cetaceans

What a wonderful world this is! And days like today they prove the old saying right. Day started with Faxafloi...

2 minutes

30 Sep 2019

A bay full of life!

Three species on every tour today! White-beaked dolphins, harbour porpoises and minke whales. The dolphin...

2 minutes

29 Sep 2019

Humpback is back!

A real Icelandic day! The first tour of the day started with northern gannets diving all around us, minke whal...

2 minutes

28 Sep 2019

Cute minke whales and dolphins in the bay

The day started beautiful with minke whales popping up everywhere, white-beaked dolphins jumping around and in...

2 minutes

27 Sep 2019

Sun and wildlife, what a beautiful day!

What a beautiful day! The sun was shining, the whales and birds was active all day and we could not be more ha...

2 minutes

25 Sep 2019

Bumpy morning fun!

The morning started with clouds and wind but we decided to go out at 10 am before the wind picked up to much! ...

2 minutes

24 Sep 2019