30 October 2022

30 Oct 2022

Whale Safari Guides

Whale Safari Guides

Today we are going out on tours at 1000 and 1400!

Species seen today: Humpback whales (1400 only), Minke Whales and White-beaked dolphins.

10:00 - Once again the wind had calmed to allow for a smooth ride out in Faxaflói Bay. We had a great morning with plentiful and very playful white-beaked dolphins, literally everywhere we looked. In total we must have seen at least 40 inidviduals but all spread out over a long distance in small 3-5individual pods. Some were busy chasing and catching their breakfast, others just travelling, some playfully bow riding and enjoying our company as we theirs. Amonst all the sightings of dolphins we also saw at least 3 or 4 minke whales but these were a little harder to approach. Still we got a very good look. We also search a large area for humpbacks but to no avail. Hopefully this afternoon. It a great morning full of life nonetheless. 

Crew - Captain Steini and Guide Megan

14:00 - Private Tour - We had two boat going out this afternoon for a local business and what a tour they had. As there were a lot of boats to the north we searched the south and soon found an area with extremely playful pod of 3-5 white-beaked dolphins and 2 not so playful minke whales. Then suddenly a big bushy blow, then another. 3 scattered humpback whales, whoo hoo. One poor individual humpback was getting seriously harassed by 5-7 white-beaked dolphins, swarming around it like flies. The humpback didn´t know where to go or what to do, came right towards us and kept circling around. Poor thing but interesting to observe. Another interesting observation was that these humpbacks where new to the area and not our celebrity trio we have been seeing this month. 

Crew - Captain Steini and Guide Megan on Þrauma III and Eggert and Anna on Þrauma II

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