28 October 2022

28 Oct 2022

Whale Safari Guides

Whale Safari Guides

Today we are running tours at 1000 and 1400!

Species seen today: Humpback Whales (only at 1400) Minke Whales and White- Beaked Dolphins.

10:00 - We are being spoilt lately with these calm days and today was no different. We sailed on mirror calm sea with a slight under swell that was barely noticable. The only weather that was challeging was the thick fog, allowing us maybe 500-600m visability. Even with that we still saw many dolphins, at least 6-7 different pods with 3-7 in each pod. Some where very chilling in their surfacing whilst others were leaping out of the water. We also saw 1 minke whale popping up in the fog for two surfacing sequences but diving for a very long time between. On the sail home we were cold and wet but happy with the great sightings from this mornings tours. 

Crew - Captain Megan and Guide Eline

14:00 - The sun was out for a beautiful afternoon tour. The air above the ocean had warmed and thus the fog dispersed. It was challenging in the bay, all the wildlife seemed very elusive. We first found one white-beaked dolphin that surfaces a few times then vanished and then we found a flock of feeding birds with a minke whale that literally did a speedy surface 10m from the boat and wasn´t seen again. Soon after though we found a fun pod of 5-6 white beaked dolphins we were able to see well and close. We were however determined to see a whale and went to check out some areas no one been today and too our surprise we found the trio of humpback whales, Maripol, Neila and the third that we have now named Sooty because on the bottom right of its fluke there is a little black marking that looks like a bird we have been seeing alot lately called sooty shearwaters. They were chilling out together and even because curious of us and another RIB close by. It was amazing and pays to take a chance and try some new areas.

Crew - Captain Megan and Guide Eline

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