16 August 2022

16 Aug 2022

Whale Safari Guides

Whale Safari Guides

Species seen today: humpback whale, minke whale, white-beaked dolphin, harbour porpoise

Today was a minke day! All day we were seeing over 10 minkes per tour! A lot of them were small juveniles moving fast through the water feeding. We also saw some lunge feeding under flocks of birds which we could see very clearly as the sea conditions today were fantastic. Throughout the day we had completely flat seas and incredible visibility so we could see minkes popping up from the surface all around us. In the afternoon, we were also joined by a humpback whale. This humpback was very relaxed just staying close to the surface and going for deeper dives. We were able to get good looks at its tail a few times as well. On some tours we were able to see dolphins but mostly they were not interested in our boats because they had calves in their pods so were protective around the boats. Overall, today was a great day full of life and sun!

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