12 August 2022

12 Aug 2022

Whale Safari Guides

Whale Safari Guides

Species seen today: minke whale, white beaked dolphin

Sea conditions were reasonable today with a bit of swell, light winds and occasional sunshine. Our boats had multiple sightings of minke whales, some coming very close and others busy feeding surrounded by large flocks of birds which were also enjoying the fish on offer! We also saw some extremly fast white beaked dolphins. Some of them came close to one of our boats, and another boat was treated to fantastic displays of jumping dolphins launching themselves out of the water. The mighty Atlantic puffins were also out in force with some large flocks resting on the water near the islands in the Bay where the puffins breed. Wildlife is always unpredictable and unfortunately our first and last tours today were given complimentary tickets to come again as they weren't able to see any whales. Hopefully next time their luckier!

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