18th September 2023

17 Sep 2023

Elding team

Elding team

Species seen today: White-beaked dolphin, Humpback whale

Birds seen today: Common guillemot, northern fulmar, northern gannet, black legged kittiwake

10:00 - This morning was a dolphin one ! When we headed out we first saw a pod of white beaked dolphins, there was about 15 of them engaged in various activities : feeding, traveling, socialising. We stayed for a while with these animals, we had them jumping, coming close to us, it was a very good sighting. After some time we moved in the hope of seeing something bigger and stumble accross.... more dolphins ! A pod of 2 dolphins crossed our path, and we saw them a tiny bit before we continued our way still on the look for maybe a 2nd species. Unfortunately no other species was to be seen around so we made our way back home and on the way we crossed path with 2 more suprised dolphins that we barely had time to have a look at as we needed to head back. A nice tour !

Crew: Captain Bohdan & Guide Melanie

14:00 - This tour started much less lucky than the previous one : nothing was on the horizon for neither of the boats out at sea looking for cetaceans. We were not very hopeful we would find something as time was passing and nothing was in sight no matter how many areas we were searching. Toward the end of the tour we got the information that some boats have seen something. We got then closer to the other vessels but still a bit to the side checking what was the species they had just seen .... and there it was : a humpback whale, it blew in front of us rather than with the other vessels, and headed straight towards us. It passed right by the side of the vessel, and we noticed it because we could see the white pectoral fins through the water, everyone was very impressed by this very close encounter as we had not seen a humpback whale in a while ! Humpbacks sighting have been quite rare recently so it is always a special moment to get to see one, and even more special up close ! We saw it 2 more times, also saw its tail (fluke) 2 more times so it will make it easier for the identification of the individual. As we were leaving the area to head toward port we saw 2 white beaked dolphins in the area. It was definetely an unexpected sighting !

Crew: Captain Bohdan & Guide Melanie

Today we are going out at 10:00 & 14:00 for whale watching!

For more information, come see us at Ægisgarður 5D

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