21 October 2022

21 Oct 2022

Whale Safari Guides

Whale Safari Guides

The sun is shining! We are going out on two tours today, at 1000 and 1400.

Species seen today: Humpback Whale (Neila on the 1400), Minke Whales and White-beaked Dolphins. 

10:00 - It´s so nice to be out on the water again after two days of cancellations. The weather this month has been quite difficult. Today though was lovely, still quite choppy out in the bay but nice and calm close to land. We first motored to the southwest to the area´s that were highly productive yesterday. We first encountered a very active scattered pod of at least 10-15 white-beaked dolphins that were very busy feeding and a quick minke whale that popped up twice and left just as quick. We wanted to also search the areas further to the south, which took us about 15mins to get too. We saw a large blow in the distance and headed towards that, once in the area we found large flocks of feeding birds and at least 4-5 minke whales (most likely the owner of the big blow, which becomes extremely visible in the low, strong sun glare). As we were about to leave another small pod of 4-6 white-beaked dolphins startred to play around us, very curious able sociable individuals. In the end a very nice, plentiful tour.

Crew - Captain Megan and Guide Andrea

14:00 - The weather can be so deceiving at times. It was beautiful as we headed out of the harbour, along the coastline and most of the way to our best whale watching spots but the wind picked up quickily creating a very rocky sea. We got word that another whale watching vessel found a humpback whale so we were off to have a look, just a quick look, keeping our distance to start as there were already a lot of boats in the area. Soon some of the other boats left and the humpback, which we soon could identify as our beloved Neila, didn´t show any behaviours to indicate stress, so we were able to get a little closer. We got a great look and saw her beautiful fluke go down many times. We then went and searched for other species but this proved fruitless so we had another quick look at Neila before heading home. Just us and one other Rib we were patient, waited in neutral most the time unless trying to keep the boat from rocking and was rewarded with a very close surface by Neila, just 2-3m, from this very beautiful female gentle giant. A choppy by great tour with Neila the humpback whale.   

Crew - Captain Megan and Guide Andrea

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