9th July 2024

08 Jul 2024

Whale Safari Guides

Whale Safari Guides

Species seen today: Humpback whale, Minke whale, White-beaked dolphin

Birds seen today: Common eider, Eurasian oystercatcher, Arctic skua, Atlantic puffin, Black guillemot, Common guillemot, Black-legged kittiwake, Black-headed gull, Herring gull, Great Black-backed gull, Glaucous gull, Lesser Black-backed gull, Arctic tern, Northern fulmar, Common starling, Tufted duck

10:00 - The sea conditions were good with some light showers as we left the harbour. We saw some other boats that were watching a Humpback whale. We stopped for a while and saw it surface several times and some of us also saw a Minke whale surface at a distance. We then decided to move on and look further out in the bay. We encountered several flocks of feeding birds, mostly puffins, fulmars and different gulls but we did not find any other cetaceans. On the way back we stopped again and spent some time with the humpback whale until it fluked us goodbye. We finished the tour with a lovely stop with the thousands of puffins at Akurey!  

Crew: Captain Siggi & Guide Kylie, Captain Gunni & Guide Trausti

12:00 - The skies were grey today but the seas were fairly calm. We headed straight out into the bay to the area where the humpback had been seen earlier. However after a lot of searching, we couldn't find it. We decided to move on and look in other locations. We searched the usual areas where we normally find cetaceans, as well as some less regularly searched ones. We spotted 2 white-beaked dolphins but they didn't want to be with us so we only saw them a couple of times. As we didn't have very good sightings, we offered our passengers complimentary tickets to come again on one of our Classic tours.

Crew: Captain Miquel & Guide Emily

14:00 -  The weather conditions were a little cloudy but still warm, so we headed out and tried to find us some whales or dolphins. The first cetacean we encountered was 1 Harbor Porpoise. It was surfacing a few times around our boat and then disappeared. So we kept on moving and found us a small pod of 4 White Beaked Dolphins. They were calmly travelling, but after a while they decided to leave us to ourselves. So we had to find some new companions. We headed out a little further and found a jumping White Beaked Dolphin and his pod members of 3. Unfortunately we had to head back to the harbor so we made our way back. On our way back we noticed lots of birds and decided to make a quick stop, and we were lucky. We saw 1 Minke Whale. It surfaced a few times and then it was really time to leave. 

Crew: Captain Siggi & Guide Kylie

16:00 - In the afternoon, the weather was still the same and the sea was still pretty nice and calm. We decided to try a new area where dolphins had been seen in the previous days but didn't spot anything. Then we heard on the radio of a different location with a few animals. We headed over and found 3-5 minke whales. They were surfacing multiple times, some of them quite close to the boat. There were also plenty of birds around so the minkes were probably feeding under the water. Then just as we were going to start heading back to the harbour, we spotted a blow in the distance - a humpback whale! This individual was also feeding and going for a fee fluke dives but luckily these dives didn't last very long and we were able to see it many times. One time it surfaced right next to the boat! A great end to the tour!

Crew: Sir Captain Miquel & Guide Emily

20:00 - We set off sailing into a beautiful sunset and calm seas. on multiple occasions we found ourselves pods of white-beaked dolphins. Some of them came up close and were bowriding for a little bit and we even saw one jumping multiple times! near the end we found ourseves surrounded by 3 minke whales, which was an awesome way to end our tour!

Crew: Captain Siggi & Guide Milan

Today we are ON SCHEDULE at 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00 and 20:00 for Whale Watching and 9:00, 10:30, 13:00, 14:30 & 16:00 for Puffin Watching.

For more information come see us at Ægisgarður 5D, email us at info@whalesafari.is or call us on +354 497 0000!

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