8th July 2024

07 Jul 2024

Whale Safari Guides

Whale Safari Guides

Species seen today: Humpback whale, Minke whale, White beaked dolphin

Birds seen today: Mallard, Common eider, Eurasian oystercatcher, Arctic skua, Atlantic puffin, Black guillemot, Common guillemot, Black-legged kittiwake, Black-headed gull, Herring gull, Great Black-backed gull, Lesser Black-backed gull, Arctic tern, Read-throated diver, Northern fulmar

10:00 - The sea conditions were great this morning as we sailed out after a quick puffin stop at Akurey. We soon saw a Minke whale that surfaced close to the boat but only a few of us saw it. We waited for a bit but did not see it resurface. We continued searching and soon we spotted the blow of a Humpback whale We stayed with it for a long while as it surfaced many times, also close to the boat. After other boats joined we decided to look elsewhere. We found a lovely pod of about 8 White-beaked dolphins that were very inquisitive of the boat, surfaced very close and swam under the boat so we all had an amazing encounter!

Crew: Captain Siggi & Guide Kylie, Captain Miquel & Guide Trausti

12:00 - We had an amazing tour this afternoon! Very near the harbour we found a very active and curious humpback whale! It kept coming to the surface repeateadly and for long intervals, and everybody was excited to have it so close, being able to see and admire the animal so well. We stayed with it for more than 20 minutes, as we were the only boat in the place, and we got such a big sense of intimacy, that everybody was in awe. Afterwards, we left it alone and we moved deeper into the bay where we found 3 minke whales, that impressed us with their elegance and speed. When we returned home we stopped at Engey to see the puffins and make an excellent finish to the tour.

Crew: Captain Gunni & Guide Rodrigo

14:00 - We started the tour with cloudy but warm weather conditions. It didn´t took us long to find 1 Humpback Whale. It was so calm and travelling very slow. Steadily surfacing, so we decided to stay with it, as long as it was comfortable with us being around. After a few times showing us it's fluke, we headed north to see if we could find something else. But we couldn´t find anything else but seabirds. Our time was running out anyways, so we had to head back to the harbor. 

Crew: Captain Siggi & Guide Kylie

16:00 - What a great tour!!! There was a humpback whale just a few miles off the harbour, so we only had to sail for a few moments before we were admiring a great whale. This whale was so active! It rolled several times, and then it started slapping its tail and everyone was delighted, especially as it was quite close to us. We stayed with it for quite some time until other boats began to arrive, and we moved on, and shortly after we found another humpback whale, totalling 2 individuals. In the same are there were 2 minke whales also, and everybody was happy. We finished the tour with a visit to the puffins in Akurey. The tour was a great success.

Crew: Captain Gunni & Guide Rodrigo

20:00 - The weather conditions were beautiful, sunshine and warm. We had to sail for a little while until we found 1 White Beaked Dolphin. He was curious and swimming around us, under the boat and also followed us. At some point he lost interest in us and disappeared. So we moved on and tried to find something else. We were lucky, we found 3 Minke Whales lungefeeding and one of them was eager to join the dinner and almost "ran" us over, so we had to slow down. We watched them for a while until we had to go back. BUT on the way back we found 1 Humpback Whale, so we had to stop and enjoy it´s site. He was surfacing for a few times, then showed us his fluke. He repeated this behaviour for another time and then we really had to head back to the port. It was a very exciting tour with lots of happy faces ! 

Crew: Captain Miquel & Guide Kylie

Today we are ON SCHEDULE at 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00 and 20:00 for Whale Watching and 9:00, 10:30, 13:00, 14:30 & 16:00 for Puffin Watching.

For more information come see us at Ægisgarður 5D, email us at info@whalesafari.is or call us on +354 497 0000!

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