7th July 2024

06 Jul 2024

Whale Safari Guides

Whale Safari Guides

Species seen today: Humpback whale, Minke whale, White beaked dolphins

Birds seen today: Atlantic puffin, northern gannet, northern fulmar, black legged kittiwake, great cormorarant, herring gull, great black-backed gull, lesser black-backed gull, european shag, eider duck, razorbill, black guillemot, common guillemot, Arctic tern, Arctic skua, oyster catcher, manx shearwater, mallard duck

10:00 - This morning’s tour was absolutely amazing! Our adventure kicked off with a brief stop at Lundey Island, where we were greeted by a flurry of puffin activity. They were swirling around in large groups, with some even carrying fish back to their chicks. It was a delightful sight for everyone. We then continued our journey, and as we neared the Whalefjord, we turned slightly towards the bay’s center and soon encountered 3 humpback whales, which gave us quite a show, slapping their flukes and fins and spending a lot of time on the surface. In the area there were also around 10 playful white beaked dolphins, which delighted us by riding the bow and repeatedly swimming beneath the boat.

Crew: Captain Megan & Guide Rod, Captain Pedro & Guide Mariana

12:00 - We sped off to start the afternoon straight towards where we had heard there were cetaceans this morning. After not too much time we saw 2 big blows close to another boat. They belonged to two feeding humpback whales! This pair regularly came up together lunge feeding. We also got to see them both go for beautiful fluke dives. At one point they both swam right underneath us which was so cool. After a great start to the tour we then carried on in search of other cetaceans. Instead we found bigger waves and many seabirds such as Arctic terns and Atlantic puffins. After searching we then headed back to our fantastic pair of humpbacks for another great sighting. After this we then headed to Lundey to see even more cute puffins in the sun.

Crew: Captain Gunni & Guide Rob 


Today we have CONFIRMED departures at 10:00 & 12:00 for Whale Watching and 9:00, 10:30, 13:00, 14:30 & 16:00 for Puffin Watching.

The remaining Whale Watching tours today at 14:00, 16:00 and 20:00 ARE CANCELLED.

For more information come see us at Ægisgarður 5D, email us at info@whalesafari.is or call us on +354 497 0000!


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