19th June 2024

18 Jun 2024

Whale Safari Guides

Whale Safari Guides

Species seen today: Humpback whale, minke whale, white-beaked dolphin

Birds seen today: Atlantic puffin, northern gannet, northern fulmar, kittiwake, great cormorarant, herring gull, great black-backed gull, lesser black-backed gull, european shag, eider duck, razorbill, black guillemot, common guillemot, Arctic tern, Arctic skua

10:00 - This morning was very grey and rainy but that didn't stop us going out into the bay to search for wildlife! We were VERY well rewarded for our efforts as well. Not long after heading out, we found a pod of 7 white-beaked dolphins. They weren't very interested in us, and we soon saw why - they were harrassing a humpback whale! We saw it come to the surface and then SURPRISE, there was a second humpback right next to it. These two stayed close together at the surface, being annoyed by the dolphins. In the distance, we saw another humpback whale tail slapping at the surface! As there were a few boats around the whales, we decided to move on to another area but when we tried to leave, 2 humpbacks surfaced in front of us as well as 2 minke whales! They weren't letting us leave! We watched these whales surface many times very close to the boat and suddenly one of them breached twice! Amazing! The pair were also joined by a third humpback for a little while. When we ran out of time and started to head back to the harbour, we found another pod of 4 white-beaked dolphins. Incredible tour to start the day!

Crew: Captain Miquel & Guide Kylie, Captain Pedro & Guide Emily

12:00 - Today’s weather was quite challenging with overcast skies, rain, and some wind, but our determination to explore the bay was unwavering. Our efforts were soon rewarded with some spectacular wildlife sightings. Early in the trip, we were fortunate to encounter a humpback whale exhibiting lunge feeding behavior. It was thrilling to watch this majestic creature surface, mouth wide open, capturing its prey. The whale also performed several relatively short dives, adding to the excitement. As we continued, we came across a pod of 4 white-beaked dolphins. These dolphins were rather indifferent to our presence, neither playful nor particularly interested in our boat. However, as we observed this pod, our attention was drawn to another group of 10-15 white-beaked dolphins nearby. Unlike the first group, these dolphins were incredibly playful and curious about our boat. They jumped exuberantly all around us and even engaged in bow riding, giving us an unforgettable show. Reluctantly, we started our journey back to the harbor. Before arriving, we made a delightful stop by Engey to observe some puffins. These charming birds were a perfect end to our adventurous day on the water. Despite the less-than-ideal weather, today’s tour was filled with remarkable encounters and memorable moments!

Crew: Captain Bohdan & Guide Mariana

14:00 - As we headed out it was raining, but soon we saw 2 Harbor Porpoises, swimming by like flash. So we kept going and after a fast ride with our RIB, we found 1 Humpback. He was logging and surfacing every now and then. Very relaxed. At the end he fluked and we saw White Beaked Dolphins jumping a bit further away. So we went there to watch them. There were about 15 White Beaked Dolphins. After a while we had to go back so we left them and they accompanied us for a short while. 

Crew: Captain Miquel & Guide Kylie

16:00 - The weather this afternoon was a significant improvement over the morning. Although it remained overcast, the rain had ceased and the wind was almost nonexistent, making for a much more pleasant outing. After sailing out, our first encounter was with a humpback whale. We watched it dive in the distance but, unfortunately, lost sight of it soon after. Staying hopeful, we remained in the area and soon spotted a pod of 10 white-beaked dolphins. These dolphins were incredibly excited, leaping out of the water and interacting with our boat enthusiastically. As we enjoyed the playful dolphins, the humpback whale we had seen earlier made a reappearance, performing a close fluke dive near our boat. Each time we moved, the dolphins followed us, continuing their playful behavior. We were fortunate to see the same humpback whale surface four more times, each with spectacular fluke dives very close to our RIB. The excitement didn't stop there. As we observed, more dolphins appeared, and at one point, we were surrounded by an astonishing 50-60 white-beaked dolphins. Some of them even engaged in mating behavior right in front of us, providing a unique and fascinating sight. To top off our experience, we spotted yet another humpback whale before it was time to head back. On our way to the harbor, we had a brief sighting of an elusive minke whale. Before concluding our trip, we made a delightful stop by Akurey to watch some puffins. Today’s tour was extraordinary, filled with breathtaking wildlife encounters and unforgettable moments!

Crew: Captain Bohdan & Guide Mariana

20:00 - We had amazing weather conditions on our last tour of the day. The sea was almost flat, the temperatures were mild and we had a little sunset on the horizon. We headed out to the spot where we saw wildlife on the previous tour this day and had to look around for a bit, we saw 2 Harbor Porpoises which were surfacing a few times and then disappeared. So we went further out and found a pod of 50 White Beaked Dolphins, jumping and surfacing. About 10 Minke Whales were also around but more in the distance.Then suddenly a blow was visible a few hundret meters away. It was 1 Humpback Whale! She was logging at the surface for a few minutes and then took a breath and dove down. But not without showing us, not just the fluke, but also part of the perduncle. After waiting for about 8 minutes she came back up and was resting again for a few minutes. Then she went under water and come back up, but only showing us a part of her rostrum. That went on for about 2 minutes. Then she came back up and took a dive again, by showing us her fluke again. We couldn´t get enough, so we stayed for another 8 minutes. During this time the White Beaked Dolphins went crazy. 4 of them were interacting very closly. Others were jumping and racing. Then the Humpback came back up and rewarded us with a fluke. After that we had to head back to the harbor. It was great ! 

Crew: Captain Pedro & Guide Kylie

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