Poker of cetaceans

30 Sep 2019

What a wonderful world this is! And days like today they prove the old saying right. Day started with Faxafloi dressing its best clother: silver coloured, silky water that were the starting point for the nice day to come. The first tour in the morning started with a big, BIG, pod of harbour porpoises that were forgetting their usial shyness to join us for quite a nice time. And then, there she blows! The humback was blowing peacefully, loggin on the ocean at a distance that was allowing us almost to touch her. Fluke ups and close blows were making the day to everybody. Minke whales didn¨t want to miss the party, and although their sighting were more sporadic, not for that they were less spectacular. Jumping white beaked dolphins at the distance were trying to call our attention towards them like they know. AMAZING day out.

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